They’re referred to as stoner, shoegaze, psychedelic, and grunge. HØUND is all of these yet at the same time not really. What HØUND really is, is an alternative rock band with heavy guitars, a female singer, and inspiration from bands such as The Dead Weather, Sleepy Sun and Queens of the Stone Age. The band consists of five enthusiastic musicians who discovered their combined strength around a year ago.

In Amsterdam and The Hague they’re currently working hard on their repertoire of new material, which is melodic and dynamic yet remarkably ethereal and diverse. The songs have been performed at several small shows, which went remarkably well and convinced the band that it was time for the next step in their career in the summer of 2015. They signed up for a battle of the bands competition; the Amsterdam Popprijs. HØUND won both the preliminary round and semi-finals enabling them to partake in the final in the Melkweg.
The ease at which HØUND presents itself on stage reveals the fact that they are fairly new and have yet to start with the ‘real’ work. But they come prepared, their debut single, called Down The River, has been released at the end of November. More studio releases will follow in 2016, coinciding with the start of their debut tour, which will continue indefinitely until no one is left wanting to attend their concerts. Don’t be surprised if this doesn’t happen for a very long time.

Roos Meijer — vocals
Robin Leijdekkers — guitar
Jesse Koch — guitar, keys, backing vocals
Javier den Leeuw — bass
Marc van Dongen — drums